Dock your boat in Carmen Cebu in a protected harbor

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

STAYING HERE WITH US, Carmen, Cebu protected inner harbor

You are more than welcome to live aboard your yacht in our dock while you are enjoying the delights of the Cebu area. Our yard is situated within a compound guarded by armed security personnel, and is convenient to Port Carmen and Danao City. Transport to Cebu, is easy, frequent and cheap.
Read more at their website  and they offer repair services as well

A boat builder for your dream boat, Carmen Cebu

Visit their website here
      Where are you?
      Are you in a safe place there?
      What are your shop rates?
      Will you give me a fixed price quotation for your Visayan "XX"?
      How long will it take to build your Visayan "XX"?
      Will we have to pay Philippine customs duties on imported yacht equipment?
      I would like to stay nearby and work on the boat with your crew. Is this possible?
      Is construction insurance available to cover the boat while in your shop?
      Do you build power catamarans?
      Do you build monohull sailing yachts?
      Do you build power cruisers, or trawlers?
      Why do you show rotating wingmasts on your designs? Aren't they just for racing?
      Your banca designs look a bit weird. What are they for?
      What documentation will I receive with my completed boat?
      Where can I stay while visiting your shop?
      Why should I have Boatshop Philippines build a cruising catamaran for me?

Boaters experiences in the Philippines suggestions

i had 67 foot banka and lived on it off and on, dont get one over 50 foot, mine was way to big and nothing but problems, you can look around and probably have one built for around 6000 usually a used 4 cyl mitsubishi deisel with truck transmission  reefs are biggest problem, you can anchor it anywhere you want , i am to old now to live on a boat but iwould do it all again if i could, i have 30 footer now and it is a lot easier to use, but i think to small to live on

The majority of the coast is very shallow .I sailed up from OZ in a 45ftoor and we were limited mostly to where the big ships and ferries go only.Very diappointing .I remember wading Kilometers to get ashore
to buy stores in beauty spots.Fiber glass is a no no.

South of Dumaguete there is a creek near Seaton wiv a helluva alot of yachts ,some are for sale at knockdown cos some couples are old, or fed up with the limitations here in sailing.It can be done with charts
or local knowledge tho Dont for get Catamaran advised and watch out with fiberglass yuk

Usually around 28 yachts in harbour. Typhoon anchorage, some ex-yachties live ashore. Public transport to Dumaguete for provisions
and checking in/out with Customs and Immigration. Nora and Nigel Roberts run the Silver Lining Boat Works where they build catamarans.
Beware of fishing boats with stern lines 3/4 across channel.

Now one way is to go south of Dumma  to a place called Malatapay and ask a bike rider for Kookoos nest beach cottages ,Jamie the owner will fill you the harbour is right there .But I would go to Panorama hotel on the beach between Dumma airport and Sibulan every wed. the gang met there or in town at the Why Not inn on the promenade in the middle.Keep asking for the guy who builds catamarans  nr Tambobo bay,think his name is Nigel.In that creek there are alot of yachts etc. that never go anywhere.Also on that group you may have seen Larry or Shadow he knows everything about Dumma
 There are quite a few "yachties" living on boats throughout the
> Philippines. However, buy it here or pay more than it is worth in
> customs fees alone.
There are lots of fees! Coast guard taxes mooring fees marina dues and local fees Barangay city etc. Also you will need somebody on it 24hrs a day for security reasons. I have owned several boats here in the Philippines over the last 20 years. If you dont really need one or if you dont have a really good cash flow,I wouldnt bother. Local help do not really take care of the vessels they work on unless they are family owned.That is my own personal experience.Now when I need a boat I rent one with its own crew

Where can I build buy a boat in the Philippines? Where can I dock it?

boat docking in carmen advertise worldwide

This is a  small group of home boatbuilding enthusiasts in the Philippines have a website and a discussion forum especially for concerns about building your own boat. (sail or power) several of the members are in Cebu actually, and are building boats and sailing actively in the waters of the Visayas.

Here's the website:
here's their forum:
Where can I find a sailboat for sale in the Philippines?
There arent many "western type" boats in the Philippines, but you do find a few in the classifieds at:
There is a yacht manufacturer in Talamban, Cebu. I don't know the exact location but I saw a flyer of their new model. High end boat with radar and stuff. Manufactured here. I didn't see any prices but I double checked the location and its here in cebu city. The boats look expensive, probably 1-2 million pesos
I've seen the Pinoy Boat Services'
and Boatshop Philippines'
websites. I've also looked long and hard at Andy Smith Boatworks on Panglao.
Mike Allen at is a great guy. Very knowledgeable and helpful too

Living on a Sailboat/Houseboat in the Philippines references to read

What are the necessities for living on a sailboat?

Living on a houseboat

One of the Best Ways to Retire Early - Living Aboard a Sailboat

 check out the Sail Philippines site http://www.sailphi. run by Peter Capotosto who owns the Taal Lake Yacht Club (I think his family has been here since commonwealth or spanish times).

 He and his site will tell you everything you need to know. Subic would be your best bet (the last I heard, most of the real sailing enthusiasts / foreigners have moved their boats up there due to the politics at the MYC) and there is also a yahoo group called subic sailing or something that gives updates on the weekly races and special events up there. Yacht clubs here never really recovered after the 1997-98 crash and upper class Filipinos don't like activities like sailing that will expose them to the sun i.e. make their skin look darker. Hence, its mostly westerners who are actively involved in sailing here - except for the hobies events on Taal which attracts a good mix.
you might look at this site, http://www.tongo- sail-inn. netfirms. com

Nigel, (an expat), is a wooden boat builder, (for YEARS in the RP), with a resort and near his location, (western tip of Negros Oriental Island), there is a nice cove with many sailing crafts of various sizes, some world travlers ancored.

He [Nigel] is located between 60 to 70 KMs from Dumaguete City..." -

Nigel is usually at the Why Not bar on the promenade in Dumaguete M-W-F from about 10am-2pm, you can hook up there and talk or he will give you a ride back to his resort where you can see the boatyard and stay very reasonably. His wife, Pilar, has trained the cook staff well and they have a good selection of food and drink. He mostly builds sailing catamarans but does other types from time to time - a 45' sailing catamaran often goes into the water at about $50-60K USD - but some outfitting is usually still required unless you have made prior arrangements at some additional cost. The exact price will depend on the size of the boat, customization, and the cost of materials. Things go smoother if you go meet him in person, stay a while, and talk about your timing and desires.

Floating home association

Which would make a better live aboard boat? A 35-45ft Catamaran...or a houseboat?

HOUSEBOATS The Floating Palaces

Houseboats in India

A Houseboat Holiday in India is a great way to relax, enjoy and have fun i.e. make the most of your holiday. In India there are several houseboats cruising through the backwaters of Kerala and many other on the lakes in Kashmir.  Wny not make it a business here in Philippines too?

Amsterdam Houseboat Rentals (Weekly and monthly accommodations in the center of the city)